Halo Speaker


Fall 2022

14 Weeks


Create a fully functional speaker out of existing components.


Model Shop


It Plays!

Song: Piel Canela by Bobby Capó

Understanding the Original Components

Prototype 1 Goals

how the original Sony's Speaker Components work

Learning how to seal components for better sound quality

Learning and experimenting on the machines in the shop

Learning about the components

We took apart the Sony SRS-XB23, portable speaker, to learn how the components worked together, and learn how the speaker was sealed and put together.

Reverse Engineering

Quick process of how I built a speaker to learn how the components interact with each other, to keep in mind when I design my own.

Brain Storming

Putting together concepts to make them a reality

Visual models

Created a variety of models to indicate the visual language of the speaker.

Functional Models

How can I fit in the components of the speaker in the circular shape that I need?

Final Changes Explained

Semi-Final Variation


There was no space for piece 8 and the seal. I created piece 18 to hold the Halo together, but this made the Halo purely aesthetic, which wasn't my goal.

Final Variation


Piece 15 solves the problem, it gives the Halo a function, so it can hold the seal while also giving it the suspended feeling without the need of screws and extra pieces.

Final Variation


Take a look at the final speaker from the inside!

Reference Drawing

The orthographic drawings were especially useful for the construction of the model, they served as reference and for double checking measurements.

How it Assembles

Notes on Designing the Springboard

Rough progress on how the springboard was refined.

Final Touches

The devil's in the details

The Halo

Making the Halo required math and creativity to make it fit functionally into the design.

Mill and Lathe

The mill and the lathe were especially useful during the course of this project. I could say I became very versatile in them.


I learned how to sand and polish paint, to create a very shiny,
smooth finish.

Halo Speaker

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