All Videos and images were taken with consent

Shroom Shroom

All Videos and images were taken with consent

Shroom Shroom

All Videos and images were taken with consent

Shroom Shroom


Summer 2022

14 Weeks


How can we promote communication through play?


Solidworks, Keyshot, Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, and Model Shop

Can we design a space for children to engage and communicate emotional awareness?

Shroom Shroom is a Customizable Day Planner for Children

Chose your Activities for the day

Place designated "Warts" on Shroom Shroom's head

Complete an activity and feed it to Shroom Shroom

Activate night light mode!


Getting to Know Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

What is Autism?

“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism”

It’s a spectrum

Hyper-focus on details

Struggle to communicate their needs

Changes in routine can lead to over stimulus

What's It Like Raising a Child with Autism?

In an effort to understand people's needs a little deeper I joined a couple of Facebook groups with the goal to understand parents' daily struggles when raising a child with autism.

  • "Be super objective. Do not be subjective when talking to your child, it can be hard for them to comprehend "

    -Anonymous Licensed Therapist

  • "Is there any group therapy with someone leading a conversation on how to talk to their peers?"

    -Anonymous Parent

  • "Drawing a story helps the child to comprehend it"

    -Anonymous Parent

  • "Timeouts trigger the Meltdown"

    -Anonymous Parent

Field research

I also conducted some interviews to subject matter experts. Which provided fantastic advice and feedback for Shroom Shroom's development.

  • Catelin

    A behavior analyst that helps children with ASD in their early development stage.

    User Intention

    Disengagement activity

    Prerequisite skills

  • Momentum4all

    A therapy class for children with learning difficulties from 18 months to 3 years old.

    Therapy = Play

    Stay on the child’s eye level

    More toys that imitate real life

  • Katie

    A mom and a therapist of a child with ASD spectrum, works at momentum.

    Neutral colors are important

    Plan a max of 5 activities per day

    Let the kids be the color

So… What if it Could be Super Customizable?

A scenario in which a therapist suggests to a parent to customize a Shroom Shroom

Meet Ronnie Gray

Mid-Range Autism (ASD 2)

Age 4 / Non Verbal


Building blocks




Meeting new people

Noisy places

Bright colors


Build a Lego tower as tall as dad.


Emotional support

Social Therapy

Speech therapy

How would Ronnie use Shroom Shroom?


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Musical Toys


Auditory Feed back

Includes Disengagement Activity

May stimulate Musical Interest


Can Cause Over Stimulus

May be too complex for Child

Too Many Prerequisite skills to use

Sensory Toys


Stimulates the 5 Senses

Exercises body

Encourages play with others


Hard to Include Disengagement Activity

Prone to Injuries When Using

Adult Supervision Required

Personal Space Toys


Provides Safe Space when Overwhelmed

Disengagement activity

Easy to Operate Alone


May want to stay there for a while

Can Draw attention to the Child

May Feel on a "Time Out"

Sorting / Planning toys


Promotes Sensory Recognition

Engages Most Senses

Helps Associate objects with names


Many Prerequisite skills

Must Disengagement activity to work

May have a Frustrating Learning Curve

Notes on: Final Aesthetic Design Choices

Design Criteria

Helps associate words with objects, actions, or feelings

Implements a Disengagement Activity

Encourages to Play With Others

Final Shroom Shroom Concept

Finishing Touches

Example of Customized Icons

For a child who loves cookies, Loves showers, but dislikes going to school and putting on socks

Charging station

Easy to move

Place Shroom Shroom at the Child's level

Making the Model

Final Prototype

Blow forming, vaccum forming, Foam carving, laser cutting, wood turning, light components.

Shroom Shroom

Customizable Day Planner

Shroom Shroom

Customizable Day Planner

Shroom Shroom

Customizable Day Planner

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